Essential Refrigerator Maintenance and Tips

Domestic appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners have become the most used and important part of our lives, saving time and energy. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the appliances in good condition and save money. It would be a mess if one of these appliances stop working suddenly and ruin your day. Proper care, maintenance, and service are obligatory for the appliances to extend their lifespan and function properly. This post provides food for thought on refrigerator maintenance, repair service, and tips.

Refrigerators are the most commonly used domestic appliances in every home and the largest energy consumer in a kitchen. Keeping the fridge in good shape and the proper running condition is significant to keep it clean and sturdy. Regular maintenance of home appliances like refrigerators will reduce energy consumption and keep them running for an extended period.

Here are 5 essential refrigerator maintenance tips to keep it running like new.

Set the correct temperature

The right temperature settings will help the refrigerator operate at its best and maintain coolness. An optimal temperature of about 3-5 degrees Fahrenheit and a -18 degree freezer would be ideal for a standard room setting.

Watch out for the door seals

Look out for the refrigerator door seals regularly and ensure they are tight and free of any food residues. A loose seal will make the cool air escape and cause the refrigerator to consume more energy and work harder. Clean the door seals at least twice a year using a toothbrush and water and baking soda solution. Please make sure the door seals are stiff by performing the dollar-bill test: Close the dollar bill in the fridge door in a way it’s half out and half in. If the coin slips out quickly, then it should be checked by a professional.

Keep the inside of the refrigerator and coils clean

Clean the inside of the refrigerator shelves, doors, and walls at regular intervals to keep bacteria and germs away from food. Avoid keeping foodstuff that is either expired or covered by molds in the refrigerator for healthy and clean food. Make sure you tidy up the insides of the fridge immediately if anything is spilled. Also, keep the condenser coils clean, getting rid of dust to run efficiently. Drag the refrigerator away from the wall, unplug and vacuum it twice a year to maintain efficacy and clean coils. Avoid keeping the fridge on the walls as the fridge requires enough air circulation to function properly

Maintain it filled

Keep in mind that refrigerators require thermal mass to maintain the low temperature and keep the food cold. Cool food and drinks absorb warm air when you open the refrigerator doors and make it work harder. So always keep it filled with empty bottles or water jugs to maintain the thermal mass even if you don’t cook.

Keep the doors closed

Keep the refrigerator’s doors closed to avoid warm air seep in and reduce cooling. This is one of the effective ways to maintain the fridge and keep it in good running condition. Make sure the doors are closed right after you open and close them every time. Keeping the doors closed will keep the food safe for four or more hours, even during the power cut.  The freezer will also maintain the temperature for almost 48 hours if it’s full and 24 hours if half-full.

Other important refrigerator maintenance tips include

  • Change filters to keep your ice makers and water dispensers clean and work efficiently.
  • Keep the refrigerator at the correct level or position to maintain coolness even.
  • Always cover and store food in proper air-tight containers to help minimize the moisture content.
  • Empty and refill the container for ice to stay fresh and drinks to taste better.
  • Avoid placing hot, steaming foods inside the fridge, making it work harder and stabilize. Let the hot food items cool down and store them after a while in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure you clean the gaskets regularly to prevent molds with a vinegar-water solution.

Purchasing a new refrigerator or a refrigerator repair is usually expensive, and it is essential to maintain them regularly with these easy maintenance tasks. Ensure you do the regular maintenance by scheduling your refrigerator cleaning on your calendar or using an online reminder service. If you need any additional information on parts and maintenance, consult your refrigerator owner’s manual and keep your refrigerator healthy and running for long life.

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