For many homeowners, one of the best investments they make for their home is an air-conditioner. Given weather changes and lifestyle modification, air-conditioners are very crucial to most families. However, they do not come cheap. It can be costly, especially if you have multiple AC at home. The best way to ensure the AC provides its service for a longer duration to your home is by maintaining the AC properly. It is easy to do, and there are only a few things that you need to be mindful about. A well-maintained AC can give amazing service over the years. It will save you up a lot of money which can be wasted in either replacing the AC with a new one or changing parts.

Here are 5 tips to keep your air conditioner in tip top condition

1. Clean the air-filter – Once you remove the flap on top of the AC, you will notice filter like plates. Some devices may have more than two such filter plates. Clean them as frequently as required. Depending on the area you stay, the filters will accumulate dust. If your neighbourhood has a high level of pollution then clean the filters once a week, if pollution is moderate then cleaning once a month would do. You may also have to replace the filter if you feel the cleaning will damage the wires. So don’t wait too long before cleaning them.

2. Make sure the condenser is clean – The condenser can suffer from abrasion and corrosion. It can cause holes and thereby affect cooling. Casually inspect the condenser, if you see a hole or even scratches then consider fixing the condenser. They come in different varieties but the copper ones reconsidered the best. Replace the damaged part of the condenser, if the damage is severe the entire condenser may have to be replaced. Regular cleaning of the condenser can help you avoid such a situation. The best way to clean the condenser is to wipe them with a dry cloth.

3. Check for refrigerant leakage – Refrigerant or coolant that makes the air from the AC cooler can leak. It generally happens when the gas is low in the machine. If you suspect there is a leakage, stop using the machine. The clear indication of leakage is the formation of ice. To avoid it, make sure there are no holes or abrasion on the surface of the AC, especially the ducts carrying the gas. A frequent inspection will alert you and you can fix the situation at its simplest form.

4. Clear any blockage in the drainage system – Drainage of the air-conditioner can get blocks. It can cause serious harm to the AC. Back flow of water can also lead to a health concern for your family as inhaling that water is not healthy. Check the pipes as often as you can. Pass water through it. If the water does not pass through then there must be a blockage. It can be caused by accumulated dirt or even a dead animal can be inside. Carefully remove the pipe and clean it. After cleaning pass water through to ensure there is no blockage as well as leaks in the pipe.

5. Hire an Expert – Perhaps the best way to keep your AC in great shape is to hire a professional service. Engage a professional for a service and maintenance contract. A service once in every 6 months is recommended though may vary with usage and environment.
Life without AC is difficult to imagine for many of us. If you are also dependent on it not just for cooling but also for its air purifying property, then take good care of the AC. Follow our maintenance guidelines and you can be assured you will have a long-lasting AC.

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